Cellulite Reduction by Massage

Cellulite Reduction by Massage is the natural way which can sometimes help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  It is composed entirely of normal fat cells that collect in pockets just below the surface of the skin.  It is not necessarily a sign of obesity, inactivity or ill-health.

Massage for cellulite includes firm circular movements to improve circulation.  It also incorporates percussive, pinching and pulling techniques to assist the body in removing fat, toxins and waste.  Drinking water afterwards can help in this process.

Allow your skin to stretch and appear smooth instead of sagging and wrinkling.

The benefits of cellulite massage may be:

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Improvement in skin and muscle tone
  • Safe alternative to surgery, liposuction or injections
  • Loss of some weight
  • Not as costly and time consuming as some treatments

It must be understood that this massage therapy will not get rid of cellulite and results will vary.  It needs to be supported by a healthy diet, regular exercise and changes to lifestyle habits.

Contact me to have a consultation and assessment to find out if a cellulite massage plan is suitable for you.