What can I expect from my first massage session?

Your first session will involve a 15 minute consultation where I will ask some detailed questions about your general medical history and lifestyle.  This is to make sure there are no medical contraindications that may prevent me from using massage therapy on you.  You will then have a brief Postural Assessment.  All this enables me to tailor the therapy sessions individually suited for you.

Will I have to remove any clothes?

In order to benefit from the manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles it is recommended that clothes are removed but you are always covered by towels except for the area being worked upon.  However if you prefer, you can wear clothing similar to outfits you would wear for the gym, yoga etc. but it should be emphasized that the therapy may not be quite as beneficial.

Is massage going to be painful?

Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable especially if you have a lot of congestion and knots in your muscles when you come for therapy.  This is generally described as a good feeling of pain because it can mean that the therapy may be working.

Will I have any adverse reactions after the therapy session?

A few people experience some aching or soreness but this is a good thing because the body has reacted to the therapy and is rebalancing itself.  This usually lasts for about 24 hours.

How many sessions will I require?

This depends very much on your individual circumstances, how long you have had aches and pains, how stressed or tense you may be and therefore this will be discussed at your first appointment.