After Your Therapy

It is suggested that you go home to relax and rest after a therapy session to ensure that the body can gain maximum benefit.  The following is some advice for you to consider after each session.

WATER:  After massage therapy your body will start to eliminate toxins and as water in the body is used for this, drinking more water will help control any reactions.  Some problems occur by dehydration and increasing water intake can lessen these.  It is recommended that you should aim to drink 2 litres a day but if this seems too much start with 500ml.

AFTER EFFECTS:  Some people may experience tiredness, changes in sleep pattern, feeling emotional, excess perspiration and headaches after their therapy.  You may also be making frequent visits to the toilet.  However this is only temporary and will last for about 24-48 hours.

WHAT TO AVOID:  It is suggested that you avoid drinking too much coffee, tea or cola drinks for about 12 hours as these contain caffeine.  If not aim to drink 2 glasses of water after each drink.  Avoid a heavy meal.  Do not smoke or drink alcohol for at least 12 hours as these are counter-productive and increase the levels of toxins in the body.

EXERCISE:  Keep moving to assist in flexibility, posture and mobility and continue with any exercise regime that you may have been told at your session.

MEDICATION:  Do not alter any medication or diet that has already been prescribed for you.

QUESTIONS:  If you are unsure about anything or wish to discuss any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.